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The White Horse Inn For Groups, Conferences, & Tours
Groups Staying Here

OCTOBER 19-20, 2017
Katie Morgan & Michael Morrow have reserved the entire Inn for guests coming to their wedding at the Mad River Barn.

OCTOBER 27-28, 2017
The Egan-Birnie wedding.

NOVEMBER 3-4-5, 2017
Undercover Quilters annual retreat and workshop.

DECEMBER 17-18-19, 2017.
The Green Mountain Valley School’s Holiday Race Camp for kid returns to the White Horse Inn. Click here. 

JANUARY 5-6, 2018.  Grace Cunningham & Dan Bosco have reserved rooms here at the Inn for their wedding guests.  Reception at the Round Barn Farm.

JANUARY 19-20, 2018
Caitlin Baran & Dave Reisman have reserved rooms for their wedding guests. Ceremony & reception at the Round Barn, Waitsfield.

MAY 26-27, 2018
Julia Megson & Alec Stein have booked all rooms for guests coming to their wedding at the Mad River Barn.

JUNE 1-2, 2018. Traci Allison & Stephen Carrier set aside a block of rooms for their wedding guests. Ceremony will be at the Round Barn Farm.

JUNE 8-9, 2018. Kelsey Thorn & Timothy Welsh have blocked all rooms at the Inn for their wedding guests. Ceremony will be at the Mad River Barn.

JUNE 15-16, 2018
Alison Travis & Jarrett Kunze have blocked all rooms for their wedding guests.  Ceremony/reception at the Mad River Barn.

JULY 6-7, 2018
Brooke Spaulding & Sean Curran have reserved the Inn for their wedding guests.  Ceremony & reception at Lareau Farm.

JULY 13-14, 2018
The R & P Wedding has reserved the entire Inn for their guests.  Ceremony/reception at the Mad River Barn.

JULY 20-21, 2018
Lisa Bryan & Michael Pitta have saved all our rooms for their wedding guests. Ceremony & reception at the Mad River Barn.

AUGUST 17-18, 2018
Jennifer Martin & Kevin Formica have blocked the entire Inn for their wedding guests.  Ceremony/reception at the Mad River Barn.

SEPTEMBER 7-8, 2018
Laura Amodeo & Michael Brokaw have reserved all rooms at the Inn for guests attending their wedding at the Round Barn.

SEPTEMBER 14-15, 2018
Guests for the wedding of Eric Haupt and Ryan Hilliard will stay at the Inn.  Ceremony & reception at the Mad River Barn.

SEPTEMBER 21-22, 2018
Jackie Emilo & Elijah Rak saved all rooms at the Inn for guests coming to their wedding at Lareau Farm, Waitsfield.

SEPTEMBER 28-29, 2018.
Renee Gosselin & Tyler Gemmer have reserved all rooms for their wedding guests,  Ceremony & reception at the Mad River Barn.

OCTOBER 5-6, 2018
Elena Serio and Andrew Colebrook have blocked all rooms here for their wedding guests. Ceremony & reception at the Mad River Barn.

OCTOBER 19-20, 2018.
The entire Inn has been reserved for guests attending the wedding of Nicole Neafus & Adam Cvetich. Ceremony & reception at the Round Barn.

DECEMBER 14-15, 2018
Nicole Love & Seath Crandall have saved all our rooms for their wedding guests. Ceremony at the Round Barn.
Groups We Served

OCTOBER 13-14, 2017. The Morvay-Deren Wedding.
SEPTEMBER 29-30, 2017.  The Quinn-Meyer Wedding.
SEPTEMBER 22-23, 2017. The Sumner-Hill Wedding.
SEPTEMBER 15-16, 2017. The Turo-Rossi Wedding.
SEPTEMBER 12, 2017. Florida Motorcycle Group.
SEPTEMBER 8-9, 2017.  The Evers-Dempsey Wedding.
SEPTEMBER 2-3, 2017. The Young-Eagle-Riley Wedding.
AUGUST 25-26, 2017.  The Cochrane-Peak Wedding.
AUGUST 18-19, 2017.  The Coyle-Begor Wedding. Also
U.S. Secret Service agents.
AUGUST 14, 2017.  The Behrmann-Vanderlaan Wedding.
AUGUST 11-12, 2017.  The Lane-Kassis Wedding.
JULY 21-22, 2017.  The Bianconi-Cowles Wedding.
JULY 7-8-9, 2017 Mad Marathon runners & Kardos Wedding.
JULY 1-2, 2017. The Condrath-Miller Wedding.
JUNE 23-24, 2017. The Patriarca-McKiernan Wedding.
JUNE 22, 2017.  The Gratton-Pinsonneault Wedding.
JUNE 16-17, 2017.  The Dinkelspiel-Dona Wedding.
JUNE 9-10, 2017 The Butsch-Berrian Wedding.
JUNE 2-3, 2017. Families attending Green Mountain Valley School graduation ceremonies.
MAY 26-27, 2017. The Howell-DeSalvo Wedding.
MAY 19-20-21, 2017.  Motorcycle safety instructors from Ottawa, Canada.
APRIL 11, 2017 Mad River Valley Jewish Community’s Passover Seder
MARCH 17-18, 2017. Cornell Medical students annual ski trip.
MARCH 9, 2017 Sugarbush Racing Club party
FEBRUARY 3-4-5, 2017 The Labelle-Edwards Wedding.
DECEMBER 18-21, 2016. Ski Camp students for Green Mountain Valley School.
DECEMBER 15-16, 2016.  Ski racers from competing mountain schools.
DECEMBER 7, 2016.  Mad River Valley Rotary Club’s annual holiday dinner.
DECEMBER 2-3, 2016. Northern Forest Canoe Trail Board of Directors
NOVEMBER 11-12, 2016 Undercover Quilters annual retreat
OCTOBER 28-29, 2016.  The Tiemessen-McCarthy wedding.  
OCTOBER 14-15, 2016. The Peck-Brown Wedding. 
OCTOBER 7-8, 2016. The Lapachinski-Keiser Wedding.
SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2016.  The Ferrier-Tolstoi Wedding.
SEPTEMBER 9-10, 2016. The Sobuta-King Wedding.
SEPTEMBER 2-3, 2016. The Ellis-Pearson Wedding.
AUGUST 19-20, 2016.  The Sutcliffe-Valentine Wedding.  
AUGUST 12-13, 2016. The Fornuff-Thompson Wedding.
JULY 22-23, 2016.  The Tierney-Glick Wedding.
JULY 15-15, 2016.  The Thompson-Adamo Wedding.
JULY 9-10, 2016.  The Harris-VanVught Wedding.
JUNE 24-25, 2016.  The Warren Wedding.
JUNE 17-18, 2016.  The Vesnaver-Wiseman wedding.
JUNE 3-4, 2016  The Scheu-Dargis wedding.
MAY 20-21-22, 2016 Ottawa, Canada motorcycle safety instructors
MAY 8-10, 2016. Delegation of international visitors from PH International/Project Harmony.
APRIL 26, 2016. Social for LGBT community.
APRIL 23, 2016. Passover Seder for Mad River Valley Jewish Community
MARCH 18-19, 2016.  Morristown NJ Ski Club
MARCH 3-6, 2016.  Newington CT Ski Club
MARCH 3, 2016 Sugarbush Racing Club apres race party
FEBRUARY 19-20, 2016 SnoSearch Ski & Snowboard Tours
JANUARY 29-30, 2016 Ski House Reunion group
JANUARY 7-8-9, 2016 Ski racers from Burke Mountain Academy, Holderness School, & Proctor Academy.
DECEMBER 31, 2015 The Gagnon-Cline wedding.
DECEMBER 10-11, 2015 Northern Forest Canoe Trail Board of Directors.
NOVEMBER 6-7-8, 2015 Undercover Quilters 3-day retreat
OCTOBER 23-24, 2015 The Benedict-Willig wedding.  
OCTOBER 9-10, 2015  Katie Borsh & Angela Crise wedding
OCTOBER 2-3, 2015  Norwich University alumni
SEPTEMBER 25-26, 2015  The Fraser-Butler Wedding
SEPTEMBER 19-20, 2015  The Ng-Lynn Wedding
SEPTEMBER 4-5-6, 2015  
• Smith-Mullane Wedding
• bicyclists in the Green Mountain Stage Race.
AUGUST 28-29, 2015 The Bodnar-Borrelli Wedding
AUGUST 21-22, 2015 The Imbergamo-Kelling wedding
AUGUST 14-15, 2015 The Pettersson-Grinovich wedding
AUGUST 7-8, 2015  The Pesanello-House Wedding
JULY 17-18, 2015  The Weinstein-Wilson Wedding
JULY 11-12, 2015
Mad Marathon runners
• McConville-Keizer Wedding
• Club Cycliste Cycle Pop riders from Montreal.
JUNE 26-27, 2015
• Thompson-Solberg wedding,
• Benjamin-Albanese wedding.
JUNE 19-20, 2015. English-Dimon Wedding.
JUNE 12-13, 2015 Cane-Carroll Wedding & rehearsal dinner.
JUNE 5-6, 2015 Families for GMVS graduation.  
MAY 22-23, 2015: Jahn-Dechene Wedding
MAY 15-17, 2015: Motorcycle instructors from Ottawa, Canada
MARCH 20-21, 2015: Morristown NJ Ski Club.
MARCH 13-14, 2015: The Long-Hydren Wedding
MARCH 5, 2015: Sugarbush Racing Club reception
FEBRUARY 6-7, 2015: A group of 40 medical students from Cornell University
FEBRUARY 1-3, 2015: The Deacons, a group of men/skiers.
JANUARY 22-24, 2015: The King of Prussia Ski Club / Eastern Pennsylvania Council of Ski Clubs annual “Winter Carnival” at Sugarbush.
JANUARY, FEBRUARY & MARCH 2015: Several delegations of ski racers from N.E. U.S. mountain schools.
DECEMBER 31-JANUARY 1, 2015: Ramonas-Cox Wedding
DECEMBER 16, 2014: Mad River Valley Book Club holiday dinner
DECEMBER 12-13, 2014: Charlevois-Hetherington Wedding
NOVEMBER 14-15, 2014: Baird-Anderson Wedding
NOVEMBER 7-8-9, 2014: Undercover Quilters of Vermont 3-day workshop and conference
OCTOBER 31, 2014:  Kantor-Bartrum wedding
OCTOBER 24-25, 2014: Flores-Gilhooly Wedding
OCTOBER 17-18-19, 2014: Isacsson-Read Wedding
OCTOBER 14-15-16, 2014: C.L. Tours of Ohio fall foliage bus tour.
OCTOBER 10-11-12, 2014: Sears-Joy wedding
OCTOBER 6-9, 2014: The Inn hosted the accreditation team for Green Mountain Valley School.
OCTOBER 3-4, 2014: Bellemare-Wagner/Herbert Wedding
SEPTEMBER 26-27, 2014: Geiger-Renaud Wedding
SEPTEMBER 3-4, 2014: Maurais-Cole Wedding
LABOR DAY WEEKEND 2014: Host hotel for the Green Mountain Stage Race and the Mad River Valley Craft Fair.
AUGUST 23, 2014: Host hotel for the Vermont Music Fest,   www.VTMusicFest.com
August 11-17, 2014: An exhibition was held at the Inn for one week as part of the Vermont Festival of the Arts: “The Art of Vermont Quilts”.  www.vermontartfest.com
JULY 25- 26, 2014: MacDonald-Anderson wedding
JULY 18-19, 2014: Bryant-Henry wedding
JULY 4, 2014: Runners and officials for the Mad Marathon
JUNE 13-21, 2014: The Inn hosted musicians for the Green Mountain Opera Festival
JUNE 20-21, 2014: Crawford-Allemann wedding
MAY 22, 2014: Ritvo-Stuffle wedding
MAY 16-19, 2014: A group of motorcycle instructors from Ottawa, Canada
APRIL 26, 2014: Sports Car Club of Vermont
APRIL 22, 2014: The White Horse Inn hosted the monthly “mixer” for members of the Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce.
APRIL 15, 2014: Mad River Valley’s Jewish Community held their Passover Seder here in the Fayston Room.
MARCH 29, 2014: Guests for the RU12 mixer in the Mad River Valley for the LGBTQ community
MARCH 21-22, 2014: Snow Devils Ski Club from the greater Buffalo NY. Arranged by Classic Ski Tours.
MARCH 20, 2014: Sugarbush Racing Club cocktail party here.  
FEBRUARY 28-MARCH 1, 2014: Group of medical students from Cornell Univ.
FEBRUARY 28-MARCH 1, 2014: Host hotel for the Peter’s FUNd Racer event at Sugarbush, for melanoma research.  
FEBRUARY 14-16, 2014: Ski tour group from MIT / Boston
   “After resting from our 1000-mile drive to Vermont, we’re reflecting on the wonderful stay we had with you ... all TWELVE members of our family enjoyed your lovely B&B, the yummy breakfasts Allen prepared over our 4-night stay, the comfy bedrooms & private bathrooms, all clean and well appointed. Your B&B sits back off the road, with sweeping lawns, pond, and woodlands, natural landscaping offering plenty of restful serenity. Truly a beautiful property! We HIGHLY recommend the White Horse to one and all!”
—Bev Allemann & Family (June 2014)
...with 26 guest rooms, the White Horse Inn is the third largest inn in the Mad River Valley.  With room sharing, anywhere from 52-65 people can stay here nightly.

Our 44-seat dining room and the larger adjoining Fayston Conference & Game Room can accommodate small weddings, dinners, corporate retreats, conferences, workshops, reunions, tour groups, ski groups, hiking groups, biking groups, and more.

Special rates for groups. Please contact
Bob Heffernan at 802-496-9448 or
altitude 1,213 ft.
altitude 4,083 ft.
We can handle many groups! Hold your conference here!